Smelling the Roses

The Dog–Rhys–and I try to go for a walk once a day around the neighborhood loop. I find it calms me down and resets me for the afternoon when my girls come home from school. He likes to walk more than once a day (or so he tells me), so we sometimes do a quickie early morning sniff on the short loop if it’s not raining–I call it one and a half times. He calls it, “reading the morning news.” I love that we always go the same way, but that he stops and sniffs (and pees–he is a dog) in different places every time.

I also love that the neighborhood changes its look day to day and week to week. Compensation for living in suburban paradise, I imagine. This time of year spring brings startling color. Azaleas last week, and this week, the early roses. Even the light varies as rain storms come and go, and clouds form and part for sunny skies.

Here’s Rhys stopping to smell the roses (or quite possibly my hand). And here he is raising an eyebrow at my staging of the picture but gamely playing along.

So does your pet think you’re crazy too? Do you take walks? What do you love about your neighborhood?