There WAS a Toilet In My Garage: Happy World Toilet Day…Again

Hey, would you look at that? It has been a little over a year since I launched Kecia’s Blog–All I Want Is…Everything on WordPress. My awareness of the passage of time came about because it is once again…World Toilet Day! I blogged about this annual event created by last year at a time when toilets seemed particularly relevant for me since there were two of them taking up room in my garage. This year Matt Damon and friends have some great info on this most solvable of world issues at the website. New video below: where would you go if you didn’t have a toilet? And produced this cool poster about toilets for our enjoyment and education. Take a look and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY…ERM…WORLD TOILET DAY, to me!


In my house we are currently in the middle of painting and sprucing our bathrooms. As a result we have a toilet (two actually, the old one and the new one in a box) in our garage. When you take such an an appliance, used on a daily basis, out of its natural, er, habitat, it looks a little odd. So shiny and pristine, like a sculpture. Since the old one is old enough not to be in working order, it almost makes me want to fill it with dirt and plant some petunias or pansies in it.

As much as I can take my toilets for granted, however, there are many in the world who don’t have that luxury. Interestingly, one of my favorite actors, Matt Damon, has lent his voice, time, and famous face to a crusade to bring toilets to those who need them. Here he is with a sound bite about diarrhea–a leading killer of children under five.

Matt has another couple of great quotes on video at (though what’s with the haircut? 🙂 ) plus a wealth of info on the problem of toilets (or lack of same) globally, and links to , the organization he co-founded with Gary White. The Huffington Post recently covered ‘s innovative methods to bring clean water and toilets to places where even charities have failed to make a difference.

The first step is awareness, hence the celebration of World Toilet Day on November 19th. At you can sign up to lend your voice via Facebook or Twitter. Or as Matt says, you can talk sh*t about toilets…

Because even though my house has a surplus right now, there are many who have no toilet at all. Something to think about…while you’re on the can.