Beauty of a Woman Blog Fest III: In Praise of the Selfie

Closeup decorative grunge vintage woman with beautiful long hair
This is my third year in a row participating in this celebration conceived by the lovely and talented blogger August McLaughlin. Inspired by Sam Levinson’s poem 
The Beauty of a Woman, which you can read on August’s blog here, the festival celebrates beauty, women feeling beautiful, aging gracefully, and that inner glow. And this year August (who is quickly becoming her own generation’s Susie Bright!) has introduced a #GirlBoner edition of the BOAW fest to celebrate not only the beautiful but the sexy. Check out August’s blog today through Wednesday March 3rd for posts, stories, prizes, and links to other great blogs!

The Beauty of a Selfie

photo 4So I am a little behind on the cultural phenomenon now engraved into the Oxford English Dictionary as THE word of 2013 and known by all teens and tweens as the selfie. Even as I type, my spell checker wants to correct selfie to selfish. But here’s the thing, I have come to embrace the selfie, and its near cousin the photo bomb, as mini-celebrations of girl beauty for two reasons: startling insights and pure entertainment.

The Insightful Selfie

Since I am a selfie novice, I haven’t yet entered the wild and wonderful world of filters and photoshopping with my efforts. In a throwback to Polaroid days, what the camera clicks is what you get. But I have learned the art of KADildayphoto1holding the phone high as I look up into it (to eliminate neck wrinkles) and slightly to the side (to minimize my elongated nose.) Here is the me close up and in everyday clothing. And, hey, she’s not half bad…an affirmation devoutly to be repeated. In fact, my “about me” picture on this blog is a selfie that I took on a day when my eldest had left PhotoBooth up on the Mac and I saw that my hair and makeup had held up to a long day of wrangling words and young ladies. Of course we all know that moment of horror when we look DOWN into the camera. But UNLIKE the Polaroid days of old, there is a delete button on the thing.

The Entertaining Selfie

photo 2

I have laughed a lot taking selfies with my daughters. My girls make faces, they goof off, they rarely smile in that contrived way achieved with the warning of a camera in your face. Selfie-taking is hysterical! No, really. Check out the photo bomb talent! I have also posed with my parents, my parents-in-law, my husband, and my dog (he’s particularly great at the selfie) but have not yet accosted any celebrities to see if they would be willing to step into my personal photo stream. (Yes, I’m talking to you Matt Damon!)

photo 3The truth is, selfies make me laugh, and in review, they comfort me somehow and make me look back at myself in a way that my mirror doesn’t. I acknowledge the potentially angst-ridden nightmare that perpetual selfie-taking represents for young girls who have not yet formed their sense of self and who seek external validation. Trouble lies that way. But I’m sticking with my personal claim that selfies are fun, selfies are fearless, and selfies are fabulous. And the girl in that photo? Well, she’s beautiful.

So I know you all take selfies…wanna share? 🙂 Any selfie stories? Celebrity moments?

Don’t forget to check out the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest III at August McLauglin’s site. And you can see my previous two entries at BOAW I and BOAW II.

And a little more selfie link love:

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26 thoughts on “Beauty of a Woman Blog Fest III: In Praise of the Selfie

  1. […] 17. Kecia Adams: Beauty of a Woman Blog Fest III: In Praise of the Selfie […]

  2. Such an insightful and unique take on the theme, Kecia! Thanks so much for participating, and for the lovely shout out. 🙂

    I love selfies that show authenticity, which is the closest definer I can come up with for beauty. Yours are precious! My faves, of course, include my dog. 😉

    You’ve reminded me of this selfie documentary (after the blue toilet paper bears – LOL):

  3. I have not taken a selfie. I guess I am behind in the game. Darn it! Great post.

  4. Emma says:

    After reading your post, I’m coming around to selfies. Thanks, Kecia.

  5. Raani York says:

    I like your post very much, Kecia.
    Even though I’m not the greatest friend of Selfies. At least not from me! I always tend to look sick on Selfies, don’t know why. *grin*

  6. katybrandes says:

    I am waiting for my close-up with Mark Wahlberg or Norman Reedus. Fun post!

  7. Eden says:

    Though I tried taking some selfies once, I retreated because of a failed first experience… Thanks for reminding me that everything takes practice, and a good sense of humor.

  8. Great post, Kecia. Love the pics of you and your daughters. Mathair and I aren’t much for pictures. We prefer taking them rather than being in them, so the selfie craze hasn’t caught on with us just yet. Of course, my little brother, (Mathair’s son), is a selfie professional at seventeen and posts them every time he takes one, which is every few seconds. LOL

  9. Your post reminded me of the pure joy my reps used to get taking “distorted mirror” app selfies on our iPads as they learned how to use them to demo to customers. They took it as a personal challenge and point of pride to take the goofiest, silliest, least attractive pictures of themselves and share it! At the time, I couldn’t understand…until I saw the smiles that spread across the faces of their peers and that somehow, by doing these things, they lost their inhibitions and concerns about being “less than perfect” in favor of fun and bonding.


  10. lynnkelleyauthor says:

    I’ve taken selfies with my daughters, friends, and grandkids, but I didn’t know they were called selfies until a few months ago. Your selfies are great! Okay, I’m kind of old school and I don’t know the definition of a photo bomb. Is that when you surprise someone by taking their pic? That’s my guess, but I’m clueless. And now you’ve got my curiosity up, so I hope you’ll clue me in! Fun post, Kecia!

  11. Marcia says:

    I’m terrible at taking selfies! Yours are great! My kids are adept at it. I think part of my problem is that I’m never happy with the way I look. I love my inner beauty but, my outer appearance – not as much. I’m learning to let go of those insecurities but still I feel self-conscious having a picture taken. Maybe I just need more practice and better technique. lol Great take on a woman’s beauty, Kecia.

  12. […] “I’m sticking with my personal claim that selfies are fun, selfies are fearless, and selfies are fabulous. And the girl in that photo? Well, she’s beautiful.” — Kecia Adams […]

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