The Power of Motivation or How to Get Your Laundry Done

appleSBLaundry1 Second Daughter wants a new surfboard. Not that “The Apple” doesn’t get the job done even on East Coast waves, but it’s a bit old. A surfing friend gave it to us used, and we had it repaired once already.

You may not know this but new surfboards are not particularly cheap. 😀

The Hubster and I let Second know we would kick in if she would save most of the money to buy her new board. She is not yet of an age to be earning big bucks at McDonald’s and she isn’t the babysitting type, so I told her I would pay her $2 per load to do the family laundry.

The laundry room lists pictured are the result of her research and planning into what it would take to do this laundry thing and how toLaundry2 organize it. Note each family member has a different color and the schedule has towels every day. She has already made $6, and I am grateful indeed. It is early days in this process, but I am hoping the motivation (surfboard) will be enough to keep the laundry laundry3going.

Next stop for me: how to delegate grocery shopping.

Next stop for Second Daughter: conquer the world.

Did you have to work to earn money for something you wanted when you were young? A car maybe? What was your heart’s desire? Your best summer job?

6 thoughts on “The Power of Motivation or How to Get Your Laundry Done

  1. That’s awesome – on your part and your daughter’s! Mine just graduated and got a good bit of money in gifts, plus her grandparents give her quite a bit, so it’s hard to motivate her with $2 and $5 jobs. Luckily, I don’t mind doing laundry, and she doe do the grocery shopping -for free. 🙂

    • Kecia Adams says:

      That IS lucky, Jennette! 🙂 My older daughter does more around the house without “motivation” but she has a lucrative babysitting biz too. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh man. I wish I’d learned how to do laundry as a kid! I created lots of odd jobs for myself as a kid, not always to the contentment of my parents. 🙂 When jobs failed, we dug through couch cushions – ha. You run one creative household, Kecia! I love it.

    • Kecia Adams says:

      Only dog hair in my couch, I’m thinking. But now that you mention it, I might have a look! 🙂 The girls are creative all on their own. They surprise me every day. Usually in a good way! 😉 Thanks as always, August!

  3. Kourtney Heintz says:

    Great delegation and i love how organized second daughter is with this task. 🙂 Hope it lasts beyond the surfboard.

    • Kecia Adams says:

      We’ve already had a relapse on the towels! How can two girls use so many? I need to ration, I think. She is organized, though, when she wants to be. 🙂

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